Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We watched this really amazing video called, "Killing us Softly". I absolutely loved this speech. Not only the way she presented it, but the things she talked about were so relevant to today's society, that you couldn't help but agree.
Women in today's society are so exploited and under appreciated that I think that is why men think they should treat us like badly. Maybe society is the reason why so many women get raped, abused, or sexually harassed.
I really hate that we are looked so down upon in society, yet we are expected to do all of these different things in our lives perfectly. In today's world women are expected to have an unrealistic body structure, perfect hair, boobs, and butt. This is ridiculous. If this is how the world is going to be then it should be equal between men and women.
The fact that men can be disgustingly gross and overweight, but women have to be skinny little big boobed bimbos is completely unfair.

That's really all I want to say right now, even though I could go on for days. =]

Thursday, January 8, 2009

We are all the Same

A while ago we read a story called "How it Feels to be Colored Me." I really enjoyed this story. It was about how a girl comes to realize that there is other color than her own. I really liked the text in this story. It had deep meaning to it.
Even though this girl was realizing that she was colored in all these hard ways, it never once got her down. Personally, I think that I would be really hurt by the things that people said to me, or the way people treated me. I don't know how she could sit there and look at the bright side of everything.
Also in the story the girl takes chances on doing things that are considered wrong. Things such as waving to white people, or talking to them. Back then, it was frowned upon for black people to even look at white people. So for her to do that it was a chance.
In the end of the story she talks about how we are all the same in different ways. Even though that is somewhat ironic, it's true. Although we might look different on the outside, we were all made from the same person, and the with the same amount of love.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Racism and Gender

The other day in College Lit we had a discussion about the first time you were aware of your race or gender. As we were discussing I couldn't really think of a time where I felt somewhat out of place, or noticed my gender or race. But the stories that everyone else was telling made me think about it harder.
There are so many people in this world, in all different shapes, colors, and gender. That is why it is so hard to live in this world, because so many people are judging everyone. That is why I believe that most people feel weird about their gender or race sometimes.
When people judge, or shun out people because of race or gender, it makes it worse for everyone else. If people just got along, and didn't disclude people because of these things, no one would feel weird about themselves.

Monday, December 8, 2008


The other day in College Lit we were talking about censorship. Mr. Kunkle was wondering if we have ever been censored. Or it we were ever denied materials, points of view, and ideas because of censorship.
I personally have never been censored by anyone else expcept for my parents. They sometimes have control over what I say and do. I already know that they don't allow swear words in the house, or anywhere else that I could say them, but sometimes I can't help it. Either I get really mad, or I hurt myself, and it slips out.
I really disagree with my parents on this. They think that I shouldn't be saying it because I shouldn't even know those words. What they don't know is that most of them are from what they have said before. I just wish they could understand that sometimes you just feel better after you say it.
Overall, I love my parents very much, and I know they are only trying to help. Sometimes it just feels like they are protecting me for no reason. And I should be able to speak my mind, even though sometimes it includes a few bad words here and there.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cool Writing

When Mr. Kunkle introduced us to the cool writing project that he wanted us to do I was kind of nervous about it. I just don't usually enjoy doing projects that need to be presented in front of the class. Also I was really confused about what piece of literature I was going to use.

As I started thinking about what song I was going to use, I realized that there are a lot of songs I can relate to with something that has happened in my life, or with my emotions. I believe songs and music are really important in people's lives. Without any kind of melody or tune, life would be dull.

I had chosen a song by Kelly Clarkson, and it basically talked about true events that actually happened in my life. Those moments in my life were not very enjoyable. When I hear a song that has that kind of emotion attached to it, it brings me back to the days when it happened.

That is the weird thing about music, it reminds you of a lot of things. Sometimes it's happy, and sometimes it's sad. One thing is for sure, music will never die, and people will keep relating songs to memories.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

War as a Metaphor

I think that war is used more often than not. Even if the war is not involving two countries or different cultures, it can involve family members or friends. This is only the case if war is used as a metaphor.
When two family members fight, it sometimes can get pretty ugly and can rip the family apart. This could be considered war. If two friends were to fight, they could become enemies and hate each other. As you know, war usually starts and ends like this. Usually the worst kind of metaphorical war is boyfriend and girlfriend fights. Just like war, this also can end badly, with a breakup, or sometimes a restraining order!
With these kinds of wars going on, I would have to stick with my opinion and say that boyfriend and girlfriend wars are the worst. Because in my experience, family and friends are always going to be there, and love you, but boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

College Lit

Right now in College Lit we are reading a book called Metamorphosis. After reading a few chapters in this book, and thinking back to all the readings we've read so far; I finally realize what this class is about. It's about close reading, and finding the hidden messages in the stories. Messages you wouldn't normally think of about the characters, plot, or even the setting.

In the beginning of Metamorphosis, there is a young man who turns into a bug one morning and doesn't know why. When I first read this I was thinking to myself, "why would anyone write about this?" But after thinking about what College Lit is about I realized its something deeper than just turning into a bug. It's all about the way that you interpret it.

With most of the stories we've read in College Lit so far, there is no right or wrong answer. All you have to do is read closely to the text and try to think of what the author is trying to say. After you figure out that part of the story, it's a little bit easier to read it and enjoy it.