Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We watched this really amazing video called, "Killing us Softly". I absolutely loved this speech. Not only the way she presented it, but the things she talked about were so relevant to today's society, that you couldn't help but agree.
Women in today's society are so exploited and under appreciated that I think that is why men think they should treat us like badly. Maybe society is the reason why so many women get raped, abused, or sexually harassed.
I really hate that we are looked so down upon in society, yet we are expected to do all of these different things in our lives perfectly. In today's world women are expected to have an unrealistic body structure, perfect hair, boobs, and butt. This is ridiculous. If this is how the world is going to be then it should be equal between men and women.
The fact that men can be disgustingly gross and overweight, but women have to be skinny little big boobed bimbos is completely unfair.

That's really all I want to say right now, even though I could go on for days. =]

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Erin said...

I deffinately agree with your whole post! Everything is so true. Like why do women have to be perfect, otherwise we fail, while men can just sit around and "be men". I don't understand this.

Awesome blog!